Discover your comprehensive ongoing professional development (CPD) solution tailored to finance and mortgage advisers.

FAMNZ recommends Ontrack by Kaplan Professional for your Professional Development needs. This cutting-edge learning management system is designed specifically for Finance Advice Providers (FAP, Financial advisers. It supports compliance with the new regulatory requirements and facilitates ongoing competence under the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services—Standard 9.

Ontrack by Kaplan Professional offers:

  • Up-to-date CPD content
  • Professional Development Plans customised for your needs
  • Updates and information on courses from relevant product providers
  • A dedicated content library designed for financial advisers
  • Access to all FAMNZ webinars and tools
  • Customisable courses and requirements for FAPs
  • CPD tracking and recording capabilities
  • Robust reporting features for both FAPs/groups and individual advisers

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